Fayuca Jams Last Exit Live at the Fervor Records Party

0E1B2481aOnce every few months, the awesome folks over at Fervor Records hold a get-together for people in the industry.  These gatherings always bring great things, but this Friday took the cake.  They brought their little fiesta to Last Exit Live in Phoenix and brought their ska-punk-reggae band, Fayuca, to the stage.  Fayuca has a new album, Barrio Sideshow, set to release May 7th.  Guests had the chance to listen to the album in its entirety while tasting Four Peaks Brewery’s canned creations. (Confession time…in chatting with the Four Peaks rep, we hadn’t figured out Fayuca’s album was playing overhead and we were guessing who played the song we were all enjoying immensely.  Sublime won out, but we used the Shazam App to give us the answer.  And the album popped up, artwork and all, showing Fayuca: Barrio Sideshow.  Fervor has their act together!)


Upon completion of the album, Beef Vegan, from the KWSS TMI Show, interviewed the band.  And for those of you unaware of the hilarity Beef brings out in everyone, let’s just say we’re lucky we didn’t get too much information out of these guys.  Gabo (lead vocals, guitar) did laugh when talking about band sponsors, “So, yeah, I guess we get our liquor and electrolytes for free.”  I’m hoping the station got the interview recorded.  If they did, I’ll connect the link here.  _MG_8375aIn a nutshell, here is what we learned: Barrio Sideshow is a work of perfection; the first video from that album looks amazing and will blow us all away; Raf (drums) has the heart of a luchador; ten years together has made them that much tighter as a group; some songs just sound better sung in Spanish; the album artwork comes from one of Raf’s favorite artists, El Moises; and vitaminwater keeps ‘em hydrated.  Oh, and Silver Surfer Vaporizers may soon be in Beef’s possession.

_MG_8275aAfter a ten minute set change where tables and mics were removed from the stage; Gabo, Raf, and Sam (bass) jumped out on stage to a crowd ready to hear them jam.  And. They. Did.  I have always loved hearing Fayuca play live, and have caught them on numerous occasions throughout the valley.  But there is something different about the confidence they hold on stage now.  The tight set, the finesse of the quick-as-lightening bass work and guitar riffs, and Raf’s ever expressive drum technique are all something to behold.  It’s almost as if they know they’ve caught lightening in a bottle and have thrown it on stage for all to see and hear.  Just freaking fantastic!0E1B2552a

And that album?  Well, let’s just say that The Pier was absolutely spot on to say it should be one of the most anticipated of the year.  The team at Fervor Records has done it again by helping an artist achieve sheer perfection on wax.  On May 3rd, you, too, can catch them live at Martini Ranch as they celebrate their Barrio Sideshow release.  So mark your calendars and be there to hear the album played live!0E1B2548a

additional photos available for viewing at Southwest Shots Photography
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